Game reserve

Game reserve from 1 November to 30 April

Dear alpine sport enthusiasts and ice climbers, the District Commission of Spittal an der Drau has ordered that a game reserve be established in the Kesselwände area for the protection of native red deer and chamois in accordance with Article 70 Kärnten Hunting Act (Kärntner Jagdgesetz). The restricted area may not be entered from 1 November to 30 April. Hunting activities are also suspended in during this period.

Jagdliches Sperrgebiet
Jagdliches Sperrgebiet Zusatztafel
Wildschutzgebiet Karte
Game reserve map
Wildschutzgebiet Kesselwände

Game reserve for the protection of chamois and red deer

This game reserve serves the purpose of protecting the native chamois and red deer population. The area around Kesselwände is an important refuge for the native chamois population. In the game reserve, the animals find protection during the difficult winter months.

Wildschutzgebiet Kesselwände
Kesselwände chamois herd

Game reserve for the protection of the forest and reforestation areas

Preserving this refuge area will prevent chamois from migrating to the higher elevation reforestation areas. This measurably reduces bite damage in the protective afforestation zones, which prevents a protective forest from growing to its full height and thus from adequately performing its protective function.

Compensation for loss of habitat in the winter months

Ice climbing activities in the winter months disrupts the resting periods of the deer. Around the Mitterboden feeding area (see map) there is an appropriate habitat in which the red deer population can take refuge. This at least partially compensates for the loss of living space. Please note that it is not permitted to enter the feeding areas.

By complying with the entry restriction you help us protect the forest and its diverse functions.

Thank you for your help.